Ecosystem Edge

The context

The authors of a business book that is launching in April 2020 wanted a more significant digital presence for the book than what the publisher would be able to provide. They also wanted to promote not only the sales of the book but themselves as speakers for business conferences.

The solution

To achieve the two goals above, Dala delivers:

Content production The book and other articles by the authors provide a treasure trove of quality content. Dala got the authors to write short extracts from the book, which they then “repurpose” for eventual posting on social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook. Dala will be co-producing and editing a 5-minute video that serves as the cornerstone content for the project. Dala will also create shorter 15-second social media friendly video clips from this video.

Website Design and Development Dala built a content-driven website that not only drives book sales but presents equally the author as potential speakers.

Digital Marketing Dala performed SEO on Ecosystem Edge to ensure that the brand name ranks in the Top 10. A comprehensive Social Media marketing campaign consisting mainly of LinkedIn, Facebook, and Youtube advertising will start a few weeks before the book launch for four months. Dala will test and optimize the campaign as it continues.

The results

We tell you soon!