The context

Half of Dala is a perfume aficionado who wanted to sell certain high-end niche fragrances online. He wanted an eCommerce site to showcase his goods and a way to drive potential customers to his site.

The solution

Dala delivers:

Content production To drive customers to the eCommerce site, Dala setup a fragrance directory that lists all the niches perfume brands available and the locations they are sold in Singapore. Dala opted for a visually dominant directory that is appropriate for the product category.

Ecommerce Design and Development An e-commerce component is built into the website that is SSL and payment gateway compliant.

Digital Marketing Dala performed keywords research. These keywords are used for the initial content and updates

The results

Perfumeshots is the leading niche perfume directory in Singapore. Google the name of a niche perfume brand + Singapore, and you are very likely to see Perfumeshots listed in the top 3.